Overview of Vietnam


The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, a southeast Asian country, is situated on the eastern side of the Indochinese peninsula. By 2018, its population reaches 95 million people, half of whom is 30 years of age or younger. Vietnam has a land area of 331,041 km2 with a coastline of 3,260 km (excluding the islands).


This elongated-S-shaped country is bounded on the east, from north to south, by the Gulf of Tonkin, the South China Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. It is bounded on its western side, from north to south, by China, Laos and Cambodia. Its strategic position makes Vietnam the balcony of the western Pacific Ocean. Vietnam has always been a crossroads of trade and cultural exchange between Eastern and Western civilizations.

Business Opportunities


For the past two decades, Vietnam consistently performed as one of Asia's fastest-growing economies. Its commercial potential has thrust Vietnam into the economic limelight and has attracted countless multinationals, small & medium enterprises, visionary business leaders and investors. Here are some key indicators of Vietnam’s global emergence.

  • Strong population

  • Young demographic

  • Affordable labour cost

  • Stable GDP growth

  • Growing middle-class 

  • Increased buying power

  • Large consumer market

  • Booming construction sector

  • A variety of trade agreements

  • Strategic location (ASEAN)


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