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Talent and Wealth Relocation


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Our Mission


VietCannection was created in 2018 by a group of dedicated Canadian and Vietnamese entrepreneurs headquartered in Montréal, Québec. Our goal is to bridge and bring businesses and citizens of both continents together, to promote and further bilateral exchanges in terms of trade, technology, to stimulate the mobility of talent and wealth.

Like a pole-vaulter’s pole or a seafaring ship’s favourable breeze, VietCannection assists in supporting and guiding our clients in their endeavors, allowing them to attain new heights, navigate new waters and go further to reap benefits from the new horizons.

Why Choose VietCannection


VietCannection's vision is built on a solid foundation, on the comprehension of current economic conditions, on the focus of increased business profits, on market research and an appreciation of cultural differences, the changing tastes and on an understanding of the characteristic qualities and needs of each client.

Our motto is based on an unwavering passion for establishing businesses links and creating innovative solutions. In addition, our works are supported by the newest technologies which enable us to optimize the strengths of our customers and meet their diverse strategic objectives. These factors are keys to our success. VietCannection is pleased to help you pinpoint, plan and implement your international business projects.