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Talent and Wealth Relocation


adapted for the digital age


 Tap into the country's best exports

  • Identify your needs

  • Assess import readiness of your company

  • Develop tailored action plan

  • Search out and select suitable suppliers in Vietnam

  • Organize/accompany on business trips 

  • Negotiate contract terms and conditions

  • Customize labelling and packaging to promote your brand

  • Ensure compliance with HS code, import duties and taxes

  • Logistics/arrange cost-effective types of transport

  • Monitor shipment movement & customs clearance in Canada



Viable offshore outsourcing alternative


  • Assess to identify process, service, product to be outsourced

  • Help overcome cultural gaps, language barriers

  • Search, select, match with specialized & qualified partners

  • Evaluate related operational costs and risks of the process

  • Organize/accompany to visit and evaluate offshore facility

  • Advise on the protection of copyright, data, patents

  • Help negotiate suitable prices, conditions, delivery terms.

  • Ensure compliance with applicable jurisdiction and laws

  • Manage potential commercial and legal risks

  • Monitor quality control & the rendering of expected results



Establish your brand in an emerging market


  • Provide comprehensive market analysis

  • Sector, industry, competition reports,

  • Identify opportunities and potential partners 

  • Advise on regulatory, commercial and practical aspects 

  • Register, comply with local legislation and procedures

  • Set up   representative office, franchise or branch

  • Form a joint venture or a 100% Canadian owned company

  • Acquire an existing company, market player

  • Commercialize your products/services/brand in Vietnam

  • Advise on worker's salary, social benefits and rights



  Grow your business overseas

  • Tailored coaching and advisory services

  • Assist in applying for government funding

  • Identify potential buyers/partners in Viet Nam

  • Organize/accompany on business prospection trips 

  • Represent your company or brand

  • Set up, facilitate communication with distributors

  • Negotiate sales, shipping terms and conditions

  • Ensure compliance with CBSA export regulations 

  • Logistics/arrange cost-effective types of transport

  • Monitor movement & customs clearance at port of entry

Stellar socio-economic growth
Stellar socio-economic growth

New condominium developments in the capital of Hanoi.

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Dynamic & open to the world
Dynamic & open to the world

The buzzing excitement of daily life of a large and young population.

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More investment in infrastructure
More investment in infrastructure

New installation at the port of Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon).

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Booming retail industry
Booming retail industry

Vietnam ranks 6th place in the 2017 in Global Retail Development Index according to A.T. Kearney. New shopping centers are popping up everywhere. Online commerce is also on the rise due to growing youth segment.

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