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Your Vision


Have you started to contemplate taking your business to the next level where the demand is greater? Has the economic development of Southeast Asia caught your attention? Perhaps you've made your own preliminary research and know that Vietnam can be your next targeted international market. You are confident that great suppliers and long-term business partnerships await you in Vietnam!


Export: Your company growth objective is set on getting more purchase orders from an international market. You would like to minimize the trial and error process by getting proper expertise from professional international trade advisors.  

Import: You are planning to run a new business or are an established importer. Do you seek the best product supplier to rely on for a new business or would like to switch to a more qualified and cost-effective manufacturer?

Outsourcing: You recognize that Vietnam is not only an important global producer/manufacturer of food, agricultural, textile and electronic products but is also now emerging as a competitive and reliable IT solutions provider.

Investment: Establishing your brand and business activities in a foreign country, particularly the Southeast Asian market, has been a focal point your company's strategic expansion objectives. And you are now finally ready to commit.

VietCannection will help bring your vision to reality!

Our Solutions


Whether you are planning to expand your business, to increase your production, sales and profit, to reduce operational cost and strengthen your company's competitiveness or to position your Canadian brand in a new international market, VietCannection is committed to helping your company realize its development ambition. Our goal is to provide you with the right partner at the right time to meet your business needs. 


ExportDepending on your company needs and the scope of your export plan to Vietnam, we can advise about your product’s potential in this market, best collaborative prospects and the complete how-to's' of the whole export process.


Import: Many Vietnamese suppliers actively seek to produce for their international buyers. Our valuable strategic knowledge of both realities and their specific needs will be put to good use in finding & matching your perfect overseas wholesale vendor.


Outsourcing: We can guide and bridge your organization to the most suitable product manufacturer/factory or to the largest software outsourcing company who will gladly become your key offshore outsourcing partner in Vietnam.


Investment: We help validate potential opportunities, redirect our clients to specialized experts in business laws and regulations regarding market entry, protection, risk minimization, growth and compliance with local authorities.


No project is too small for VietCannection, talk to us!

Export - Proudly Made in Canada
Export - Proudly Made in Canada

Bring your products or services to Vietnam's 95 million inhabitants.

Import from Vietnam
Import from Vietnam

Benefit from a variety of high quality commodities from this new international manufacturing hub.

Offshore outsourcing to Vietnam
Offshore outsourcing to Vietnam

The abundant, hi-tech savvy and young workforce at competitive cost are at the service of your offshore outsourcing projects.

Invest in Vietnam
Invest in Vietnam

The reformed, business-friendly environment with a thriving economic outlook is a promising destination for investment.